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    A 2-Disc Set! 8 Hours! Highlights! After The Class Reunion, This Mature And Ripe Teacher Got Busy With Her Former S*****ts In Their Hotel Room `You`ve All Grown Up To Become Splendid Young Men, I`m So Proud Of Youuuuuuu!` `Ahhhh, No, Don`t Stoppppppp!`
  • Release Date
    Nov. 06, 2020
  • Series
    Tokyo Special Highlights
  • Studio
    Tokyo Special
    Manji Group
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    "I'm So Glad To See What A Successes You've Become!" A Class Reunion After Many Years! The Male Students That Hit It Off With Their Honored Teacher Go To Her House Afterwards For Some More Fun! But Crazy Teacher Ends Up Fucking All Her Mature, Successful Students!!
  • Runtime
    476 min
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